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Clergy E-Notes

Pro-Life e-Notes for clergy provides pro-life reflections on upcoming readings and pro-life intercessions.

1 September

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Francis of Assisi famously called the poor the Church’s real treasures, and today’s Psalm reminds us of this, as God, in his goodness, has “made a home for the …

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8 September

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many say that an unexpected birth, especially in a poor, loveless or single-parent home, condemns the child and mother to a life of great hardship. But as the first readi…

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15 September

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Just as the Israelites have left the path God had prescribed them to sacrifice to a molten metal calf, could it not be said with some justice that we, the modern people, …

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22 September

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

How rare is it for the rich and powerful to feel the effects of their own sexual sins….

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29 September

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Have you heard of the DINKS “Double-Income-No-Kids”[Double-income-not-children]? If you open one of our national newspapers, especially the weekend edition, you will soon…

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