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Priests for Life Canada


One of the shining glories of Canada is its massive size – coast to coast to coast takes up untold thousands of miles. This size also makes contacts and national endeavours extremely difficult. Whether building a national railroad or even getting a national organization built takes constant effort and hard work. We certainly see this here at Priests For Life Canada where both contacting and staying in contact with supporters and priests and other clergy has its steady challenges, but at least we can locate Catholic clergy. For many other pro-life groups that concentrate on professionals such as doctors, lawyers or nurses, it is much more difficult.

That is why we here at Priests For Life Canada see part of our work as being a bridge between groups and individuals within the prolife movement. There may not always be a prolife group in one’s area or town but there is almost always a Catholic Church and a priest who is solidly prolife. Priests and other Catholic professionals know each other and interact.

Just a few months ago in June of last year a new initiative for Catholic Nurses began here in Canada – The National Association of Catholic Nurses – Canada (NACN-C). It was started by several nurses in Toronto with the blessing and support of Cardinal Collins, and it is seeking a Canada-wide membership. I had met a founding member, Helen McGee, at a symposium on euthanasia in Toronto last year and she filled me in on plans for the NACN-C launch last June. This is great news! Already they are seeking international affiliation and are expanding their reach and membership. I would strongly urge you to read their newsletter and subscribe and get actively involved in their outreach.

Do you know some Catholic nurses or medical professionals in your parish or area, or diocese? Maybe you have met them in previous parishes where you have been stationed, or at diocesan events or programs. Would you be willing to contact them or link them to the NACN-C or let us do it for you? We need our nurses and medical professionals to be supported in every way possible. As I have said and written before, these people really are front line workers and are subjected to a daily barrage – spiritually, professionally and emotionally. We have needed this kind of initiative for a very long time and I want to say that Priests For Life Canada will back the NACN-C to the best of our abilities so that we can help to build that strong support network, and also so that the voices of these caring and skilled professionals will be heard. Let’s take this on as a 2019 goal. Please contact them at nacncanada.boardcontact@gmail.com or check the website https://nacncanada.weebly.com.

On another note – the beginning of 2019 also has meant that I am settling into my post here as rector of St Peter-in-Chains Cathedral, and I will be available again for speaking and presentations. Along with our new Operations Manager, Kelly Bondy, we’ll be responding to your requests and inquiries. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas or your needs.

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God bless you!