Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Priests for Life Canada
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Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Wis 1.13-15;2.23-24; 2 Cor 8.7, 9, 13-15; Mk 5.21-43

  • God’s unfailing intent is life, and “He does not delight in death.” The Wisdom of God reminds us that we are not only made in His own image but created “for incorruption.”
  • This is the primary reason why abortion is gravely wrong. God, who “created all things so that they might exist,” finds that the human life that He willed and who has been made in His Divine image, has been snuffed out.
  • This leads not only to the death of a child, but the spiritual death of those involved in the abortion. That is why we can indeed say that abortion does hurt women too. There is, however, a power greater than death and as the Gospel reveals, His name is Jesus.

Pro-Life Intercession

That God, who did not make death and who is the source of all life, may bring an end to abortion and all other forms of violence in our world, we pray to the Lord…

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