Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Priests for Life Canada
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Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Deut 18.15-20; 1 Cor 7.17, 32-35; Mk 1.21-28

  • In the Gospel account, Jesus demonstrates power and authority by casting out the devil, and the people who hear Him preach regard Him as a person of impressive authority. His word, His style of teaching, and His authority were the source of His ability to change lives. Rather than ordering or coercing them, our Lord influenced people to change.
  • Do we sometimes forget the principle that grace builds on nature and that our human nature, rather than being an obstacle, should be a bridge through which God can touch others? When we bring the Gospel of Life to others, we have to be like Christ, bringing not only words, but freedom and peace.
  • It is no use if we Catholics are “right” on the issues – we need to have the human virtues and refinement necessary to winsomely attract others to see the splendour of the faith.

Pro-Life Intercession

That each of us may be the Lord’s prophets by speaking up for vulnerable people – both born and unborn – who cannot speak for themselves, we pray to the Lord…

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