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Speaking about Truth and Speaking the Truth

Speaking about Truth and Speaking the Truth

    There has been much talk lately about the Trudeau government ban on summer student grants being denied to pro-life groups. We here at Priests For Life Canada have been in the thick of the controversy since it began. From the earliest murmurings on a feminist blog to catching the attention of anti-life MP’s and cabinet minister concerned, much of the attention was focused on us and similar groups. It is no surprise to us that Trudeau has seized on this issue to show once again his much ballyhooed “feminist credentials”. This is a government that has decided that their pro-death stance is a vote-getter and, despite their minority support among Canadian of only 39% at the last election, is continuing to claim that they both know what Canadians think about abortion and that their government speaks for the majority of Canadians. Wrong on both counts!

    I won’t rehash here the constant polls that show that we as Canadians are not agreeing with Trudeau and his minions. We have seen these often enough. But all of us know that the Trudeau government has been fixated on abortion and reproductive issues since their election. In our foreign policy they have been militant in dismantling a pro-life, effective and targeted policy of maternal and fetal health initiatives. They have systematically made it almost impossible for pro-life experts and bureaucrats to work for them in these areas because of their abortion fidelity requirements. Trudeau insists he had the right and duty to publicly speak about the proposed abortion referendum in Ireland. He has dodged all questions of how as a Catholic he can openly, vigorously and constantly promote, fund and champion the killing of the preborn in areas under his jurisdiction and also around the world.

    The Trudeau government is using the summer grants program to force out pro-life views, individuals, groups, institutions and churches and religious groups from the public discussion and debate on the place of the preborn in our Public Square. This is not about small grants for summer students. It is yet another step in the iron boot enforcement of the radical secular, anti-religious policy of this government and its allies in other governments (see Kathleen Wynne’s attempted crushing of conscience rights). No thought, expression, action, public statement, or dissenting opinion is to be allowed. In a democratic, pluralistic society such as ours we must never takes rights for granted. Talk and contact your MP’s now to raise this and other issues and encourage your congregations and friends to do the same. If we do not speak the Truth and for the Truth, evil will continue its march.

    • Father Thomas Lynch

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