20th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Priests for Life Canada
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20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is 56.1, 6-7; Rom 11.13-15, 29-32; Mt 15.21-28

  • In today’s poignant Gospel, the Syrophoenician woman whose young daughter was possessed by an “unclean spirit”, throws herself down at Jesus’s feet in the posture of a humble supplicant and begs for healing and exorcism for her beloved daughter.
  • Daring is not imprudence, or unreflective bravado, or simple chutzpah. Daring is fortitude, a cardinal virtue, and a requirement of the soul’s life.
  • Our Lord’s metaphorical response may seem brutally harsh and insensitive, but He merely reflected the genuine tradition in which Israel enjoyed priority.
  • Yet the Caananite woman cannot wait; her need is urgent and she responds with equal alacrity, engaging Jesus in a verbal repartee. What daring! What tenacity! What calmness!
  • God rewards daring feats of love. Impressed with her wisdom and tenacity, Jesus grants her wish. What about us? Is our faith operative enough? Do we in the Pro-Life movement have a lofty vision?

Pro-Life Intercession

That we may do more to welcome, cherish, and protect the gift of life which, like all God’s gifts, is irrevocable, we pray to the Lord…

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