19th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Priests for Life Canada
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19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

1 Kings 19.9, 11-13; Rom 9.15; Mt 14:22-33

  • In his long journey, Elijah did not encounter God in heavy wind, earthquake, or fire, but unexpectedly in “a sound of sheer silence”. How true that many of the most important things in life – falling in love, the first stirrings of conscience and remorse, the conception of a child – occur in this silent way, without fanfare.
  • Thus, the Lord is faithful in coming to us, albeit in ways we might least expect.
  • Just as Our Lord appeared to His disciples walking on the sea, He can likewise appear to us in an unexpected illness or unplanned pregnancy, events which at the time may feel like being battered by waves and buffeted by strong winds. We too, like Peter, may want to cry out, “Lord, save me!”
  • Our hearts, like Elijah’s, must be open to receive Him, however He appears. We must heed Jesus’s advice to “not be afraid” nor doubt or fear, but to have great faith. Surely Jesus will reach out His hand and catch us. Let us say with deep faith, “Jesus I trust in you!”

Pro-Life Intercession

That all who are pregnant and feel they cannot carry their child will find new strength from the presence of Christ who says, “Do not be afraid”, we pray to the Lord…

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