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Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Dn 7: 9-10,13-14; 2 Pt 1 16-19; Mt 17: 1-9

  • Today’s first reading calls to mind the prophecy of Christ’s glory and Kingship. Even in our darkest times we must never loose sight of the blinding light of Christ’s love.
  • In the second reading, we are reminded of the power of giving testimony to the things Christ has revealed to us in our own lives. Through the gift His grace we are given the understanding of the sanctity of all human life. We must share this gift with others.
  • The event on the mountain was meant to strengthen the faith of the three disciples. Let this feast remind us of the promises of heaven and give us hope as we continue to struggle in out task to build a culture of life.

Pro-Life Intercession

That after having been nourished with the bread of life, the people of God may take the Gospel of Life to a world desperately in need of the message. We pray to the Lord…

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