16th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Priests for Life Canada
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Priests for Life Canada

Clergy e-Notes

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Wis 12.13, 16-19; Rom 8.2627; Mt 13.24-43

  • Though God is sovereign in strength, He judges with mildness. Let us look to our Father’s example when we consider how we ought to regard those who work against the pro-life movement. While we can readily evaluate their actions, let us be slow to pass judgment, and strive to love them as best we can.
  • The first reading tells us that God has filled His children with good hope. Let us pray that our hearts will be filled with a renewed hope for an end to abortion in Canada.
  • Let us not direct an overabundance of energies in the pro-life struggle toward combat with pro-death advocates. The master in today’s parable wisely directs his slaves to allow the wheat and the weeds to grow together until harvest time, when each plant will attain its end.

Pro-Life Intercession

We pray for the enemies of the pro-life cause. May God have mercy on them and grant them conversion of heart. We pray to the Lord…

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