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What Real Development Is

It is a sad comment on the Canadian Government on International Women’s Day that they would dedicate $650 million to enforce a biased view of development and rights on the vulnerable women of the developing world. Using the classic code terms of “sexual and reproductive health programs” this government has showed that it is blind to the truth of what real development is.

The previous administration had dedicated billions for the maternal and health care initiative whereby money was put towards real healthcare of women especially when they were pregnant and their children. In these developing countries, often a woman’s, and indeed the nation’s greatest treasure, is her children. Aborting children is not health care. Encouraging gender selection abortion is not empowering women.

We need to strongly protest to the government that programs that promote these destructive actions should be stopped not funded. There are so many ways that our dollars can be used to empower women, to increase real health care, to reach girls in need and to protect the unborn babies. Canada should stand proud as a promoter of true human rights – including the right to life and not to engage in such shameful actions as promoting the killing of preborn boys and girls.

Father Thomas Lynch

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